Advocating for Fort Madison

Informing our legislators about the successes and needs of the Fort Madison Community School District is an important process.  I was able to meet with Representative Jerry Kearns, Representative Dave Heaton (not pictured) and Senator Rich Taylor at the state capital in Des Moines to discuss the need for continued public school funding so our students are competitive in a global economy.


Did You Know?

Richardson’s PTO donated 60 pumpkins to the building for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) projects. Teacher Librarian Michelle Bentler put together a STEAM lesson plan option for us, and the results are now in! The student-led projects, which were created by small groups of kids in every classroom, are both creative and impressive.

Did You Know??

Did you know Fort Madison High School can now offer college credit from the University of Iowa for its Exploring Entrepreneurship course? Liz Weisinger just completed our BizInnovator Teacher Certification and is now certified to teach Entrepreneurship and offer University of Iowa college credit to qualifying students.

Did You Know?

Lincoln Elementary students and staff collected 342 food items for the food pantry. Mrs. Herriman’s classroom has been organizing the food drive for five years. The students use the cans, boxes and bags for math activities. They sort and count the food, make predictions, and graph the data.

FMCSD…Did You Know???

What’s happening in our schools?

cropped-logo1.jpgFort Madison High School

  • Students in Mrs. Brownlee’s English classes have applied for electronic library cards so that they can access the books offered through the public library’s online library. Students will also learn to access our school’s online library known as MackinVIA, which also offers various tools, such as highlighting and notetaking. – Ingrid Brownlee
  • About ten students stopped by my classroom before my first class on the first day of school to introduce themselves to me. It made my first day teaching much less stressful and they made me feel very welcome here! – Jasmine Sourwine, Math
  • The 14th Annual Marching Band Classic will be held at FMHS on Saturday, September 16th starting with the FMMS Marching Band at 11:40 am and concluding with the exhibition performance by the FMHS Marching Band. Concluding with the FMHS Marching Band at 3:40 pm. Awards at 4:00 pm. – Tracy Madsen
  • The high school physical education department is wrapping up its swimming curriculum – the weather has not been ideal, so that has been a challenge. Fort Madison High School is the only public school in Lee County to offer a swimming curriculum. In class, we spend a lot of time discussing water safety/survival skills. Students are taught the fundamentals of the front and back crawl, breast stroke, and elementary back stroke – all with the expectation they could perform one of them to get to safety if needed. We also work on treading water, and diving for retrieval. In addition to all the water safety elements taught, our students also leave the pool with knowledge about the benefits of water workouts – cardiovascular endurance, resistance training, low impact training, and mental health (because jumping into a pool on a hot day with your friend is just what you need sometimes!). – Kelly Knustrom

Fort Madison Middle School

  • The FMMS 7/8 Band marched in the Rodeo Parade on Saturday, September 9th. The 7/8 FMMS Band will also be performing at the FMHS Marching Band Classic on Saturday, September 16th at 11:40am. The FMMS Bands will be also selling homemade pies at the FMHS Marching Band Classic for $10 each. The funds will be used to purchase new music, repair school-owned instruments and to pay entry fees for music festivals.  Miss Rodeo Iowa will be visiting Ms. Stigall’s special education classroom and making cupcakes with the kids.
  • The 7th grade Business class is currently working collaboratively on creating an If/Then Adventure Story. As a group, they brainstormed ideas on characters, setting and plot. After selecting one of each, they then had to use their choices to create an interactive slide show that allowed viewers to choose the way they wanted to story to proceed. Once the shows were finalized, each group was evaluated by their peers in the class.
  • Fourth Grade scientists are eager to use the STEM Engineering and Design model to construct an airplane using just a straw and paper. We test our planes next week!

Richardson Elementary School

  • We Have New People!
    The Richardson staff welcomes Kim May and Christian Dunn. Kim will be teaching Kindergarten and Christian will be working as a Special Education associate. We are glad to have them on our team.
  • PBIS is Back!
    Our students will continue to work on safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors here at school. Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports will be in the elementary buildings again during the 17-18 school year. Teachers are already giving tickets for positive behaviors and we are drawing for Bloodhound Bones on Friday announcements. The staff on our PBIS team had some great training last year and we are ready to provide even more supports to our students. Its been a great start to the year so far!
  • PTO Starting the Year Out Strong!
    Richardson PTO is making waves! Numbers are growing and this group takes helping our students and staff seriously! They have already provided information to parents at Back-to-School night, a staff welcome back breakfast, they are partnering with HyVee to provide reusable water bottles for students and staff and a possible filling station at Richardson, They have set a budget to provide classroom teachers with $150 for supplies, and Music, Art and PE with $1000. They are helping us look for Walk-A-Thon sponsors, and they are already getting our Box Tops for Education initiative up and running. We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated PTO! This group meets the second Tuesday of every month, and will meet again on Sept 12th at 5:30pm in the Richardson Library. We love our PTO!

Lincoln Elementary School

  • On August 21st was Open House at Lincoln. We had a 91% turn out of students with parents visiting their new classrooms and teachers. We thank you for your attendance and parent involvement.
  • Mrs. Hellige’s kindergarten class has taken responsibility of caring for the flower garden on 14th Street. Lincoln School greatly appreciates the beautiful flower that are planted and making Lincoln look fabulous.
  • In Kindergarten it’s all about learning procedures! We also are learning the alphabet and sounds so we can connect them to print and start the magic of reading. In math we have learned about tens frames and rekenreks, dice and dominos. All help us SUBITIZE! (Know how many by sight!) We are off to a great start getting lots of RED tickets because we follow the 3 PBIS rules: Be safe, responsible and respectful.
  • First Grade is off to a great start! We have been using Bloodhound Character Lessons to learn and practice classroom and building routines to help us be safe, responsible, and respectful. We are looking forward to a wonderful year!
  • Second grade is working on differentiated instruction between all classrooms. We will be switching students between classrooms so that all students are getting what they need from our instruction. We will be doing this in both math and reading this year. Groups will change on a regular basis based on what the needs of the students are. This is teaching at its best!
  • The third grade classes have worked on team building skills. They have spent time working together to complete tasks while getting to know each other. They have learned that they have a lot in common with their peers while collaborating with one another. They also learned the importance of communicating with one another.
  • Looking ahead to October, we will have the “Principal’s Run” on October 4th during homecoming week. This involves 3rd graders going over to the Middle School and exercising, running, with the 4th graders. They also get to eat their lunch at the Middle School before returning to their own elementary building. This is just one example of how we transition 3rd grade to the middle school.
  • Please plan to attend: The 4th Annual Walk-a-Thon will be Wednesday, October 11th at the FMHS track. This is a huge fundraiser for our elementary schools, and parent involvement increases every year. We will be leaving Lincoln at 9:30 and walking to the track. Bring a lunch and eat with us on the infield.
  • FANTASTIC NEWS: Andrew Troxel, Chari Purchatzke, and Suni Shehan worked on The Dollar General Grant last spring to help pay for the IRead program. We just found out Lincoln will receive $3,000 towards the IRead program. Thank you to Andrew and Chari for getting a great program in the hands of our students.

Originally shared at the FMCSD Board of Directors’ Meeting on 9.25.17