Welcome New Central Office Secretaries!


Amy Lambert, on the left, is the new secretary for curriculum and student services.  Misty Durbin, on the right, is the new secretary to the superintendent.  We’re so happy to have you!


Rockin’ Rotary

Jace Fedler and Lily Scott, two Fort Madison High School seniors attended the Fort Madison Rotary Club meeting today to highlight their accomplishments and discuss their future plans.  Mr. Jeremy Swink, activities and athletic director, had the Rotary program sharing his background and his philosophy of being involved in the FMCSD.  Great job Bloodhound representatives!


Advocating for Fort Madison

Informing our legislators about the successes and needs of the Fort Madison Community School District is an important process.  I was able to meet with Representative Jerry Kearns, Representative Dave Heaton (not pictured) and Senator Rich Taylor at the state capital in Des Moines to discuss the need for continued public school funding so our students are competitive in a global economy.